The Past Speaks To The Present.


This is a propaganda or educational movie made by the US government in 1943. Even as the US joined the fight against the NAZIs, many in the US espoused a similar ideology.

Since the rise of Trumpism, it has become acceptable for this hate and bigotry to reappear in Main Street USA, culminating in the death of a young anti-fascist protestor, mowed down by the car of a NAZI.

This is a message America needs to hear again, but can anyone imagine the Trump government producing a similar movie today?

Am I an Anti-fascist?

It shouldn’t need saying, everyone should, by default, be anti-fascist, anti- NAZI. The default position is not enough. Fascists, NAZIs and all the rest of the assorted Alt-Right must be opposed and resisted at every opportunity.

Quote of the Day

Screaming about your rights as an American while rocking the Confederate flag is like arguing against gay marriage with a dick in your mouth. Trae Crowder, Liberal Redneck.

The More Things Change …

  Back in the Seventies I discovered the cartoons of Ron Cobb, an American who moved to Australia. One of his cartoons has stuck with me, the image seemingly burned in to my brain. It encapsulates the mind set of those who will blindly follow whatever their leaders decree, as …