The More Things Change …



Over 280 of Ron cobb's Cartoons

Back in the Seventies I discovered the cartoons of Ron Cobb, an American who moved to Australia.

One of his cartoons has stuck with me, the image seemingly burned in to my brain. It encapsulates the mind set of those who will blindly follow whatever their leaders decree, as long as they’ve got their TV.

This cartoon predates MTV, FOX, and the 24 hour news (re)cycle, and yet it strikes me as being more appropriate for today’s world than when Ron drew it in 1966. With the US President seemingly making decisions based on whatever he saw on TV in the last 20 minutes and determined to rush headlong into anything that pops in to his mind, this is where he, and we, will end up.

You can see the full size cartoon, along with more of Ron’s work at his website.

The Past Speaks To The Present.

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Screaming about your rights as an American while rocking the Confederate flag is like arguing against gay marriage with a dick in your mouth. Trae Crowder, Liberal Redneck.