Our Broken Democracy

After 120 years, our Democracy is broken. It is no longer fit for purpose and needs a root and branch reform to make it relevant for today and the next 100 years, and to make it function once again for the people, not for the politicians.

This will be a series of essays on the changes we need to make, how to repurpose Democracy, and build a better Nation for all.

There will be an examination of the current system and alternatives. No one idea shall take precedence as I expect that writing these thoughts, and perhaps gaining a comment or two, my own ideas will modify.

The one constant, however, will be that our current system of government no longer works for and on behalf of the governed, of the people from whom government derives its legitimacy.

Democracy is a fragile creature, easily subverted unless vigorously maintained.

I will be focusing on the flaws and potential improvements for Australian Democracy, while drawing comparisons from similar nations such as The UK, USA, New Zealand, and some European and Asian systems.

Politics, government, and the economy have become so entwined that I will also comment on economic matters that are relevant to both democracy and a better, fairer, society.

Comments are welcome and encouraged. If you have suggestions for posts, you may email to resist[at]rojblake.com.